Sunday, February 3, 2008

Final designs chosen by Must Keep Knitting

I realized after trying to get everyone to weigh in on the different banner options I created for Must Keep Knitting, I never showed what her final choices were.

Etsy Banner
This is the banner she chose: dark brown knit pattern with light (almost teal) blue and pink (both by request). I think the colors work well together, although I wasn't sure at first.

Blog Banner
A slightly larger banner of the same style for her corresponding blog, Must Keep Knitting: The Blog.

Etsy Avatar

This is the final avatar that came about after some tweaking. For some reason Etsy cuts these square icons down unevenly so the outlined versions only worked at full size (in forums & other posting situations) and really nowhere else. So I just took away the border...

A cute little header, with the same feeling, for patterns she will sell via Etsy. This will top off a printed piece of paper.

So all in all, making all these designs was lots of fun, however extremely time-consuming. There are a lot of very talented banner makers on Etsy who have banner-making down to an art, I'm sure. Maybe I will offer a custom designed package with options (like business card template, stickers, letterhead, etc.) or just the banner & avatar as a small thing once in a while. I'm less interested in the money and more interested in keeping my mind & skills sharp. I need to learn more about trading on Etsy, because that could be a fun option too.

In the meantime, check out Must Keep Knitting's shop on Etsy!

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Angela Morgan said...

Very nicely done. You did a great job!