Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Surprise visit from Saturn Press

The non-profit I work for also has a "museum" shop attached that sells some wonderful letterpress cards (none of mine yet). One of my favorite printers from our selection turned up today to take a look around.

Saturn Press is made up of two parts: Jane Goodrich who does the illustrations, many based off old public domain images, and James van Pernis who does all the printing. It's amazing that the two of them (and one person to help process orders) are able to print a million cards in a year. It's inspiring to someone just starting out.

Saturn Press makes its home in Swan's Island, Maine, a peaceful, beautiful & sometimes painfully remote-sounding place. They don't have a website so instead I'll leave you with a link to Cronin & Company, an online greeting card company who carries many of their designs. I've posted a few of my favorites here to show off.

My absolute favorite is the carrot-carrying rabbit. Jane said she based the wonderful print off of a Victorian era illustration. She reworked the rabbit, by changing the wilted flower he was originally
carrying into a carrot. As a note, she does all her illustration the old-fashioned way, with pencil & paper – not a computer in sight! Well done!


mosey handmade said...

i love love love saturn press. no website- but they do tours!!!!!

lotusgreen said...

these are so wonderul. thanks for posting them. i've loved sat5urn for so long but haven't kept in touch, so thanks for the update.