Friday, April 25, 2008

Nerds in the wild & other curious creatures

I'm back! The recent beautiful weather here in New York has sparked some new designs. I had to take the cards outside to be photographed, any excuse to spend some time lounging in the grass.

This card is a little tribute to my plasma physics husband and his lovely retro glasses. It was printed in black ink with a touch of silver but it's hard to tell in the photograph.

This design has been waiting patiently to be printed now for months. I did a whole series of ocean life in this pointillist/color blindness test-inspired style. Keep an eye out for turtles, octopi, and crabs. :-)

This design goes out to my friend Danielle who, like me, spends way too many hours in front of her Mac. When you're spending most of your waking hours in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and the like, these two keys become embedded in your mind. To the extent that when you, say, drop a purseful of belongings in the subway, stub your toe, or ruin a set-up on your letterpress the first thing you think is "Apple + Z" as if you could go back a step and it'd all be okay. Unfortunately this doesn't work in real life.

What to say? Who doesn't like elephants? I think this card will be perfect for sharing with all the new parents out there – it definitely seems to be baby season on the farm and in my neighborhood.

Last, but not least, a design for the lovely & talented lady of Cicada Studio & Cicada Home, who it sounds is on a creative adventure of her own. I hope you approve! :-) This design was based off of a couple of public domain illustrations from a children's book.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Type: the common & the gold-plated

As I get busier my blogging gets rarer. :-( I've been busy printing, doing some freelance design work, doing illustrations for my cards (sheep card to come soon, I promise) and of course, working my day job.

I've finally done some wood type cards. I had done a bunch of wood type t-shirts (mostly proclaiming "Rachael Ray eats kittens") but this is my first card. :-) To be available soon on Etsy.

I also ran across this jewelry artist who is breathing new life into worn out lead type by transforming it into jewelry. If you're thinking "Lead... jewelry?", rest assured, these pieces have been artfully dipped in 14k gold to keep heavy-metalness in. Check out more of Erica Weiner's work at

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Down on the farm & other notes on this past week

NEW ITEMS: It's been a busy last week (recovering still from sheep-shearing) but I thought I'd share a few of my new cards. The "Mother Hen & Chick" card went up today on Etsy and the "Pink Piggies" will follow soon. Have any farm animal requests? I hope to make some more farm characters in the coming weeks.

FEATURED: Three Red Hens also had a lovely mention on Etsy ceramic artist Amy Esther's blog In the Night Kitchen. Check it out!

FUN DESIGN: I'll leave you one last illustration that I made in the past weeks for a new t-shirt design in Three Red Hens' Caf├ęPress store. This crazy idea came from a friend who wanted gag t-shirts for an upcoming farm conference. A little silly & girly I know, but still lots of fun. Enjoy! :-)