Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A couple days of printing

So this Monday & Tuesday I got a lot of work done. I printed all the envelopes & Love Nest cards for the special order, I printed a second edition of Hazel cards to sell on Etsy, I made up plates for my newest designs, and I even had a chance to print these cute little onesies & toddler shirt using wood type.

Ojiah is the newest son of a couple from work. Their older son (almost 3) is Sedge. I made a onesie for Ojiah professing his love for his older brother and a matching/reciprocating tee for Sedge.

Santino is the name my friend upstate has chosen for her first child. I wanted to make her something special to celebrate. I may end up making a lot more of these onesies and shirts – it seems that everyone's having a baby!

1 comment:

Infinite Cosmos said...

Those are really cute! I have a soft spot in my heart for the name Santino as it is (from project runway! my favorite show!) but those look really cute and classy.