Monday, January 28, 2008

Banner design for a fellow Etsy seller

I haven't been doing a lot of designing or letterpressing lately so I happily volunteered to help out a fellow Etsy seller, Must Keep Knitting, with her banner & avatar. She was looking for something "girly", "country/farmy" and her favorite colors were blue & brown. She also needed something that represented her work: knit accessories, hand spun yarn & knitting supplies. After finding some solutions I was happy with, I'm thinking about redesigning my banner – hopefully I'm on the right track to something she'll be excited about too. Take a look and let me know if you have any favorites or ones you don't like at all. Click on each thumbnail for a larger view.

Banner options (760px x 100px)
I'm adding this 7th option because the contrast seems to be so low on #1 & #2.
Avatar options (75px x 75px)
With a little feedback, some new ideas have been sparked. Using her favorite colors (which were a little lighter than I had started off with) we're off in a new & exciting direction... Oh yeah, I put an asterisk by my favorite – I almost said "an asterix", I can't spell!


Sandra Williams said...

I love them all!! Whichever one she picks will be a winner!

Mandi said...

Those are great! I do love the ones with the cute little sheep the best, and I adore those last avatars! You do great work!

Dan said...

That's funny, thans for the gift ideas.