Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Enjoy a beard, even if you can't grow one...

Call me crazy, but I have always wanted a hat with ear flaps that became a "beard"—especially on a windy New York day like today. It seems like I'm not the only one. This week I bring you plenty of ways to enjoy a beard even if, like me, you can't grow one of your own...

Fabulous "Beard T-shirt" from Hide & Seek Clothing
I have to get myself one of these—I love love love it!

A variety of covetable "Beard Caps" from Vík Prjónsdótti.
This is the kind of beard hat I dream about!

This guy looks familiar...

"Lumberjacks" card from Dude and Chick.
Lovely card for "the rugged, plaid-wearing person in your life."

From the rugged & manly to the more feminine beard. This "Girly Pink Beard" has been sold, but you'll find plenty of lovely beards to suit your fancy over at i made you a beard.

"The Couple" digitally colored original illustration from Ashley G and Drew.
There are so many other lovely bearded illustrations in their shop, and you can even get your own custom portrait done if you want.

And no list can be complete without this funky beard font from Tim Yarzhombeck.

I'll post my little silk screened tribute to moustaches soon...