Saturday, February 2, 2008

A day out & about in NYC

So while unknowingly missing my card on the front page of Etsy, I was doing plenty of fun things...

Firstly, I did the proof of the return address for my first ever custom order (for someone other than myself/my friends/family). This wonderful buyer connected with me through Etsy and is getting 85 Love Nest cards with personalized envelopes to use as wedding thank you cards. If the response from her friends & family is anything like the hubbub over this past year's letterpressed Christmas cards, everyone should feel especially appreciated with that extra handmade touch. :-)

After leaving the print shop, I headed to Billy's Bakery in Chelsea to pick up some cupcakes. I had had THE best ever red velvet cupcake in the office the other day and had to go back. There were no red velvets in the display case, but thankfully the friendly folks there were happy to frost me a few. I'm still on the fence about cupcake shops in general, because it feels like it should be something you could do for yourself so simply. Maybe it's just been too long that I've been living in New York, but I'm starting to be able to justify the $7.00 I paid for someone else to make the cupcakes. :-) I will say that my oven is not a substitute for closet storage – I do actually make a mean carrot cake from time to time.

Anyway, one thing I really love about Billy's is their identity design – and not just because we share the same taste in font pairings. :-) The whole shop has a relaxing & inviting retro feeling, and cupcakes aside, just the colors make my mouth water.

I met my husband in Union Square and we walked to get some great authentic Japanese on St. Mark's. We did not go to the vending machine restaurant for a slice of apple pie. :-(

After lunch we headed to NY Central to pick up more Arturo Magnani cards & envelopes. I'm not quite sure if I cleaned them out, but it was close – I went home with 10 boxes of great stationery! Now you know more designs are coming soon! I hope to print some more Hazel cards tomorrow at home, since those seem to have sold pretty well on Etsy.

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Octavine Illustration said...

love your cards! congratulations on the front page. very exciting indeed.