Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My first woodblock print!

Since getting into letterpress, I've wanted to learn other hands-on image-creating techniques that could be combined with letterpress. So this summer I'm taking a woodcut & linoleum class. Below is my first ever woodcut print– it's not perfect but I'm so proud of how it came out. I started with the outline from a public domain engraving and then used my own inclinations to create the textures of each object and add a little more modern personality to the piece. Next project in the works is a 4-color reduction woodblock print using a photograph of a tree that I took during my high school French class' trip to France.

This particular block is too big for my letterpress, but I hope to do smaller woodcut or linoleum series of cards using my letterpress.

Click on the images for more detail...

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I keep trying to find a context within which to share this with you, but I'm at a loss. I saw this a while ago on the Die Line Blog. Anyway, this parody on Vitamin Water just cracks me up. If only I had had some Meat Water during that dismal heat wave this past weekend!

Whether you're in need of a meaty refreshment for breakfast, lunch or dinner, they've got you covered. Is this commentary on our overly-processed artificially-fortified "foods of the future" or just fun? You decide.

You'll find amusing tidbits throughout the site, including product descriptions like this:

Prosciutto, champignons, gorgonzola cheese, with a drippy crust

Remember John Travolta strutting down the street chowing on his double slices in Saturday Night Fever? Well we recreate the flavor of a brick-oven Bay Ridge slice by taking Tuscan prosciutto, San Marzano tomatoes, stinky gorgonzola, champignons and a hint of basil and putting all that into a super-nutricious Energy Drink that won’t get tomato sauce on your polyester suit!

A real college flashback for a true world champion.

Enjoy cold. Enjoy warm. Enjoy hot!

Click here for some refreshment.

A few typographic treats

I just wanted to share some fun things I've run across recently. I'm a big fan of the lovely treatment of type (both lead & digital) and really enjoyed these sites & games...

Smashing Magazine: The Showcase of BIG Typography

These little visual snippets come from the first edition and second edition of fun typography. Links to the real thing are listed below the image (though the links for the last two wouldn't work for me).

I Love Typography: The Rather Difficult Font Game
Think you know your fonts? Give this surprisingly tough game a spin. I just barely graced the Hall of Fame on my second try, but I won't say it was a shining moment. Watch out, the game is rather addictive and definitely will give you a greater appreciation to the subtle & poetic differences of fonts created over the years. Click here to try it out for yourself.

The Extensis Community Blog: TYPEmatch
If you've given up on trying to get 34/34 on the Rather Difficult Font Game, this should give you a little mindless entertainment. This short quiz will tell which font personality you're most like and then you can set the different personalities up on dates that play out on screen.

I have mixed feelings about this quiz, as it told me I'm most like Comic Sans (is this worse than Papyrus?). I suppose the options weren't too flattering no matter what, but still! See below for a little insight into my [font] personality. Click here to play for yourself.