Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bringing home the bacon: delicious meaty goodies from Etsy

So here I am, at home sick today – surviving off of bland-tasting fluids & Tylenol. In the back of my (mainly vegetarian) mind I have become fixated on bacon. Rather than take a walk down to the grocery store to purchase a vacuum-sealed pound of the artery-clogger, I thought I'd satisfy my cravings on Etsy, by sharing some of the meaty goodness available there. All these items are 100% handmade & fat free!

Strip O Bacon: A Piece of Crochet Happiness

Among Yummy Pancake's Shop of delicious looking (and mostly low-calorie) crochet items, you'll find these sizzling strips up bacon up for sale. You have to check out the product description! The possibilities are truly endless – you won't know how you ever lived without with your own Strip O Bacon.

Yummy Pancake "Strip O Bacon: A Piece of Crochet Happiness" $3.50 for 1 strip

Mr. Toast Button Set
This adorable set of mini buttons from Mr. Toast's Store is truly part of a complete breakfast. Along with Shaky Bacon, you can indulge in Mope the Onion & Joe the Egg, and their delicious friends.

Mr. Toast's Store "Mr. Toast Button Set" $5.00 per set

This cuddly cut of meat makes a perfect companion for you, your child, or your dog.
Sweet Meats Store will even sew in a dog squeaker for your little canine friend.

Sweet Meats Store "Hambone" $33.00

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Field Notes said...

I love the hambone! But alas my newfie would make mince meat of that and a minute later all of its charm would be coated with slobber..

p.s. I absolutely adore your cards!