Monday, January 21, 2008

Express your love in letterpress

I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favorite Valentine's Day designs from fellow letterpress printers on Etsy.

I Wheelie Like You
Chewing the Cud has three different, beautifully designed cards for Valentine's Day. Here's my favorite... for all you pun lovers.

ChewingtheCud "I Wheelie Like You" Card $4.25

Have a Cupcake
Creative, delicate & poetic illustrations characterize Ink + Wit letterpress cards. In this card, two cute birds share love & cupcakes... what could be better?

Ink + Wit "Have a Cupcake" Card (Set of 5) $14.00

Love is for Suckers
Not so into everyone's favorite chocolate & roses holiday? Celebrate Valentine's Day with a little humor with this letterpress card from Alcove Press.

Alcove Press "Love is for Suckers" Card $3.50 for 1, $12.00 for 5

Love Nest
I suppose I should use this opportunity to make a little shameless plug for my Valentine's Day card... I originally designed this one for a friend who was getting married & moving across the country. I meant for it to be a celebration of their love & their new LA "love nest". I was so happy with the final product, that this design became the very first available in my Etsy shop: Three Red Hens.

Three Red Hens Press "Love Nest" Card $4.00

Honorable Mention: I Want to Barack Your World
I just have to include this one from Alcove Press, even though it's not letterpress. Remind your Valentine to get out and vote in the primaries with this clever card. Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face, no matter which way they'll be voting.

Alcove Press " I Want to Barack Your World" $3.00 for 1, $9.00 for 5

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