Thursday, January 24, 2008

ReadyMade: Make your own letterpress

Want to get into letterpress? Have a do-it-yourself mantra? A drill press and table saw lying around the house? Well then, I have a great how-to guide for you. ReadyMade magazine has featured two articles. One detailing how to construct your homemade letterpress with parts including a bottle jack, bungee cords & plywood. The second article details how to attach your photopolymer plate, ink it up & [slowly] churn out some nice prints.

If you try it out, you have to let me know how it works! It's definitely an interesting concept. I would wonder how quickly someone would be able to run this contraption & also the depth of bite that the plate would make into the paper.

Oh yeah, FYI, you may have to sign up in order to view the articles at ReadyMade but it's well worth it.
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Another DIY letterpress guide is available on here, although from the looks of it, while it seems much less expensive to assemble, it will be more time consuming to print with. See below for the fully assembled "letterpress" and resulting wedding invites.


robyn said...

I made the press from Instructibles and haven't been able to get a decent print. I can't figure out the problem, but it appears that there is not enough pressure?

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. It will only do very small prints but anything over about an 1.5" doesn't really work.