Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beware of the Design Police

I came across this at Veer this evening & just had to share. I know at least one person who'll appreciate this printable resource for designers brought to you by the clever minds at Design Police. Download these five pages of mini notes (containing gems like: "Helvetica was an unimaginative choice") that can be easily cut out (or better printed on stickers) and affixed wherever poor design needs to be flagged. Let me just make sure that I don't commit any design sins in this short paragraph. Just looking at all the possible pitfalls shouting at me in bright red, I feel nervous. Don't use up all your stickies on me! :-)

My favorites are by far:
"Comic Sans is illegal" (But, hey what about Papyrus?)
"Microsoft Word™ is not a design tool"
"This type has been bastardised!" (Yes, the design police seem to use British spelling)
"Do not use clip art!"
"Hire a copywriter"
"Turn off the CAPS LOCK"


RandomNotions said...

yes British spelling as with all other things from that fair motherland is just cooler

High Desert Diva said...

heh, heh, heh
I've been called the Design Police so many times....
these are great!

- Tori said...

Those are hilarious... "Microsoft word is not a design tool"...I love it.

Villa Design said...

Oh my gosh! I can so relate to many of these! thanks for the link!