Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three Red Hens on Eighty8Words blog!

The multi-talented artist & blogger behind Eighty8Words shop & blog will be featuring Three Red Hens on her blog today! As always, accompanying her crafter/artist interviews is a lovely haiku contest to win some goodies (this time it's spring cards from yours truly). Go check it out; give her a little love. I look forward to seeing your haikus! Click here to be redirected to the interview. And don't forget to check out Chelsea's latest typewriter-inspired necklaces here at her Etsy shop.


Cicada Studio said...

Hey, great interview! Congrats! Such a nice blog to be featured on. I took the haiku challenge... whew!

Kimberly said...

Thank you for your awesome blogs. I really enjoy reading them.
I am volunteering as a talent scout for a youth art contest. I wonder if I could submit a blog entry regarding the contest to your site. I am sure your audience would be interested in it =D I am sorry to post this message here >_< but I cannot find your contact information. please ~ forgive me~

$3500 Online Art Contest is Calling all art talents - Do you have what it takes!!!

Show off your talent at the 1st Annual Young Adult Art Competition
1st Place $2500, 2nd Place $600, and 3rd place $400.

The 1st Annual Young Adult Art Competition is geared towards helping current and prospective art students gain market exposure through the competition, as well as rewarding their outstanding talents with financial support. There is no constraint regarding topic or media. Artists are given the full stage to show off their talent and we are anticipating that thousands of visitors will be coming daily to see their works.
Everyone is welcomed to submit art works, only those age 16-35 are eligible to win prizes. Even some artists might be outside of the age range, it still worth the 2 min to submit the artworks since it is an excellent platform for them to show off their talents! (Watermark the artwork with contact information could be a good practice, but absolutely not required.) Artists are welcomed to submit multiple art works to enhance your chance of wining. They can also invite your friends to help vote for them. It is not cheating, since everybody needs the initial push to get the artwork out in front of the audiences. And in order to win, a piece of art work will need much more votes than “friends” can offer. It is statically impossible to “cheat” =D
For more detailed information please refer to the art contest site

Please feel free to ask any question you have.
If possible, I hope to see your awesome work in the competition too! =)

All the best regards,

Kimberly said...

BTW, you can reach me at
All the best wishes!

Livy said...

I visited your shop today, and just wanted to let you know that your hazel card is so cute. I have a jack russel terrier myself.