Monday, March 3, 2008

Remember to eat your vegetables!

After [visually] indulging in my last post and its chocolatey goodness, it's time to get your serving of healthy veggies. This brand new letterpress card was just printed today and will be posted soon on Etsy. Sprouted just in time for spring – which seems to be coming soon for NY. It was in the 50s today! I actually saw a few bare legs and hopeful spring outfits.

Bon app├ętit!


dannelle said...

I love your designs!
What a catchy name too!

Yummy Pancake said...

Oh my gosh! Let me know as soon as you have these puppies up on etsy! I MUST have one of these to frame and hang in the kitchen - my husband loves asparagus ^_^

Anonymous said...

love the 'sparagus! Fun fun! When I move, I will need this for my kitchen. This is kitchen art for sure!

Talk to ya sooooon!!

sewserious said...

CUTE new cards. I love asparagus and how perfect for spring!

letitiah said...

i just love these cards. would love to see a little vegetable series from you. still, so unique and so cute.