Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Down on the farm & other notes on this past week

NEW ITEMS: It's been a busy last week (recovering still from sheep-shearing) but I thought I'd share a few of my new cards. The "Mother Hen & Chick" card went up today on Etsy and the "Pink Piggies" will follow soon. Have any farm animal requests? I hope to make some more farm characters in the coming weeks.

FEATURED: Three Red Hens also had a lovely mention on Etsy ceramic artist Amy Esther's blog In the Night Kitchen. Check it out!

FUN DESIGN: I'll leave you one last illustration that I made in the past weeks for a new t-shirt design in Three Red Hens' Caf├ęPress store. This crazy idea came from a friend who wanted gag t-shirts for an upcoming farm conference. A little silly & girly I know, but still lots of fun. Enjoy! :-)


Cicada Studio said...

Ooh, you must do sheep!

Three Red Hens said...

Sheep! That's a great idea. Maybe I'll do a mother sheep & lamb or just a lamb. I'll keep you posted! Thanks for your feedback. :-)

ragqueen said...

Nice cards!!

cricket said...

Those are very cute.