Thursday, April 17, 2008

Type: the common & the gold-plated

As I get busier my blogging gets rarer. :-( I've been busy printing, doing some freelance design work, doing illustrations for my cards (sheep card to come soon, I promise) and of course, working my day job.

I've finally done some wood type cards. I had done a bunch of wood type t-shirts (mostly proclaiming "Rachael Ray eats kittens") but this is my first card. :-) To be available soon on Etsy.

I also ran across this jewelry artist who is breathing new life into worn out lead type by transforming it into jewelry. If you're thinking "Lead... jewelry?", rest assured, these pieces have been artfully dipped in 14k gold to keep heavy-metalness in. Check out more of Erica Weiner's work at

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Cicada Studio said...

Yay Sheep! Being busy is actually good.